Our Mission

For Cat Lovers. By Cat Lovers. Help #SAVETHECLAWS!

Our group of avid cat owners and admirers formed CLAWS after witnessing the suffering of countless homeless cats. By pledging to donate a portion of proceeds to respected cat charities, your order allows us to rescue cats, advocate for cat adoption, and help #SAVETHECLAWS!

We aren't just a team of cat lovers. We are artists, writers, scientists, teachers, and volunteers ready to make a difference. With over 90 million pet cats worldwide, only 20% are adopted. Our mission is to find safe, stable, loving homes for cats abandoned and forgotten. We all deserve love, especially our beloved feline friends.

Over 3.4 Million Cats enter shelters each year

Over 40% Of These Cats are needlessly euthanized

And Less Than 35% end up being adopted

The #SAVETHECLAWS Difference
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